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eta|vac SH-ZPN

The eta|vac SH-ZPN is designed for classic pick & place applications of light products up to a maximum weight of 0.5 kilograms. Depending on the size of the suction cup, the SH-mini can be directly equipped with several suction cups or connected via a pneumatic hose. Existing accessories such as suction cups can still be used. The eta|vac SH-ZPN has an external M5 thread to connect a single suction cup or multiple adapters. With its limited volume, the eta|vac SH-ZPN is particularly suitable for smooth, clean and dust-free surfaces. The references in the fields of automation, HRC and Industry 4.0 display the wide range of applications of the eta|vac SH-ZPN.

eta|vac BP-30

Handling tasks can be found in almost every industry across all sectors. Our eta|vac BP-30 bellows pump is designed for efficient handling of a wide variety of products without compressed air. With a continuous vacuum volume flow the permanent generator can be used for many applications as an efficient counterpart to cost-intensive, compressed air-operated ejectors. Exemplary applications can be found in sheet metal processing, the furniture industry or for handling processes in the food industry. The eta|vac BP-30 can be used in the following three reference fields.

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