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eta|vac SH-ZPN

The eta|vac SH-ZPN is designed for classic pick & place applications for light products up to a maximum weight of 0.5 kilograms. Depending on the size of the suction cup, the SH-ZPN can be equipped directly with several suction cups or be connected via a pneumatic hose. Existing accessories such as suction cups can still be used. The eta|vac SH-ZPN has an external M5 thread to connect a single suction cup or multiple adapters. With its limited volume, the eta|vac SH-ZPN is particularly designed for smooth, clean and dust-free surfaces. The references in the fields of automation, HRC and Industry 4.0 display a wide range of applications of the eta|vac SH-ZPN.


The video shows our suction lifting device eta|vac SH-ZPN mounted on a SCARA robot for handling and positioning plastic plates. These plastic plates have a clean and smooth surface and are therefore ideal for the eta|vac SH-ZPN: the vacuum between the suction cup and the plastic plate can be generated almost loss-free. The environment of this application is very clean and the ambient conditions are relatively constant. In this application, a directly mounted suction cup is placed on the product without additional pneumatic hoses. Due to the limited vacuum, the eta|vac SH-ZPN is particularly suited for products and components with smooth surfaces and can therefore be mounted directly on the robot as an end-of-arm tool, even for faster pick & place applications, for example using our standardized holders.

Human-Robot Collaboration

Collaborating robots have made their way into many large and medium-sized manufacturing companies for a long time. The video shows a commercially available industrial robot modified with an Airskin from Blue Danube Robotics for classic pick & place handling without seperating the robot from the production worker by fences. Conventional industrial robots can be upgraded to collaborating robots with the safety add-on Airskin. The end-of-arm tool used here is the suction lifting device eta|vac SH-ZPN, which is also coated with Airskin. The eta|vac SH-ZPN ensures decentralized and location-independent vacuum generation for absolutely low-noise handling processes. Furthermore, the safety risk is reduced by omission of the compressed air lines.

Industry 4.0

The video shows an eta|vac SH-ZPN, which is integrated into an Industry 4.0 demonstrator for the field of mechatronics training. The demonstrator was developed on the basis of standard components. The demonstrator is primarily intended to enable trainees in technical professions to acquire knowledge about the implementation and use of Industry 4.0 technologies in connection with classic mechatronics topics. The demonstrator was developed in cooperation with the company ESR Pollmeier and the vocational training centre of the IHK Darmstadt. The demonstrator, which was developed in this way and can be used anywhere, especially due to its compressed air-independent concept, integrates current Industry 4.0 topics into teaching and school operations. In addition to the simple integration into Industry 4.0-capable applications, the avoidance of unnecessary noise emissions by substituting compressed air completely is also a key factor for teaching and school operations.

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