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The eta|opt GmbH provides in-depth expertise in the field of substitution of compressed air and developes highly efficient product solutions for the industry in the segment of handling technology. Learn all about our know-how, our product solutions and our consulting services on the following pages. eta|opt GmbH produces lifting devices and vacuum handling systems that don’t require compressed air. Accordingly, the company focuses on the development, production and sales of these handling systems for the producing industry. The patented vacuum handling system allows a decentralized creation of a vacuum without using compressed air.

About eta|opt


Apart from the development of efficient product solutions for the industry in the area of drive and handling technology, eta|opt offers a profound know-how regarding the substitution of compressed air.

The company was founded June 2015 by the current managing director Dr.-Ing. Christoph Pohl as a spin-off of the department for environmentally sound products and processes at the University of Kassel. The patented Technology of the vacuum handling System had been developed in the Course of his PhD.

The eta|opt GmbH has its headquarters at the Science Park in Kassel and provides not only a competent crew of customer consultants but also a sweeping sales and support network. The company is represented by a dynamic team of employees eager to revolutionize the market of pneumatic substitution.

The broad portfolio of services offered ranges from vacuum handling systems in different designs and product paths to analysis, consultation
and trainings in the field of substitution of compressed air.

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