eta|vac SH-EOM




The eta|vac SH-EOM is a classical end-of-arm tooling for handling of workpieces with smooth surfaces. By its design and its conception, the eta|vac SH-EOM is excellently usable in field of collaborating robots.

The eta|vac SH-EOM in numbers


Electrical vacuum


Usage of compressed air


Vacuum max.

Decibel *

* in a distance of 10 cm


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Product benefits


  • Only 4 Watts
  • Reduction of the ongoing operating costs by more than 66%
  • Protection of the climate and environment through smaller energy consumption
  • Usable in field of collaborating robots
  • Compressed air not necessary

Technical data

Vacuum volume of the bellows max.(cm³)19
Vacuum max.(%)40
Adapter suction cup-M5 oder 1/8″
Dimensions LxWxH(mm)110x110x84,5(69,5)
Voltage supply/ activation(V)24
Energy demand max.(W)4
Weight(kg)0,44 (without holding mechanism and suction cup)
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